Provo City Chess Club

About Us

We have been meeting almost daily over three years now. Our club started with a few students of Brigham Young University who wanted to get more involved with the community. They took the idea to the city, and after a long process, they got our club approved as Provo's first official chess club. Since then, we've had hundreds of members come and go, enjoying casual games of chess as well as tips and lessons from some of our more experienced players


Our President, Luke Cvetko was one of the first members of our club. He has been interested in chess for most of his life, but never really played consistently until joining the club three years ago. Since then, though, his passion for the game has only increased. He is a student at BYU studying physics. Some of his other hobbies include rock climbing and photography.


Our Vice-President, Cristina Miller, has been playing chess ever since she was a little girl. When the pandemic hit us, she was responsible for handling most of the shift onto an online platform. She is currently training to become a grandmaster. Aside from playing chess like a beast, she is an artist and a musician playing both the cello and the piano.